Coaching & Mentoring

The CFO role is complex, challenging and at the heart of the organization. Many would argue that the CFO knows more about what is going on in the business than any of his or her colleagues.

We have worked closely with Board’s and CFO’s in Europe and North America in an advisory capacity for over 20 years and understand the complexities of the role and speak the language of the CFO. We develop and foster close relationships with our clients enabling us to serve as a confidant, trusted coach, mentor and consultant to well-established and rising CFO’s and those who aspire to become one. We objectively seek to understand specific situations and issues and will create an environment that enables our client to achieve their goals while maintaining the strictest confidence.

Career Development

Charting a path to CFO and beyond to CEO, Chairman and/or Non-Executive Director can be exciting, challenging and frustrating.

Whether in role, or seeking a new role, we will guide you through critical points in your career, focusing on developing the optimum set of skills and experiences to achieve promotions at the right time, into the right roles and, when you are seeking a new role, our outplacement services will underpin your success through:

  • Career advice
  • CV/Resume preparation
  • Search strategy & execution
  • Identifying & working with the best headhunters
  • Approaching PE firms
  • Interview skills
  • Working the network for critical knowledge about a role or an interviewer
  • Offer negotiation and advice

Assessment & Succession Planning

Succession planning into the C-Suite has become critically important to company Boards and their senior leadership teams. In the US 60% of CFO’s are promoted from within while in Europe the figure is well below 50%.

We are able to support your succession planning activities through:

  • Organisational development
  • Assessment of the team and/or key individuals
  • Bespoke personal development plans
  • Coaching & mentoring services