Consulting Services
Focused On Your Success

Jeremy Rickman and Rickman Consulting are dedicated to providing coaching, advisory, mentoring and training services to the global Executive Search and CFO Markets. We improve business and individual performance, we develop careers and we underpin success through a hands-on, bespoke, personal service.

Our skills have developed over 30 years in business and enable us to offer a suite of services primarily focused on the development of the individual and their career as well as business performance and improvement.

Rickman Consulting Limited was launched in 2015 to focus on helping individuals and businesses to optimize and improve. The firm has quickly become established as a niche service provider to the international Executive Search and CFO markets.

We are advising Executive Search firms’ leadership teams through Executive and Non-Executive services focused on all aspects of strategy, business and process improvement as well as people development through a blend of coaching, mentoring and training programs.

We are working with individual CFO’s and Financial Officers (as well as other senior executives) around the world in support of their career development and that of their teams through a combination of bespoke coaching, mentoring and training activities.