Executive Search firm, Shareholder:

“Jeremy has gained incredible breadth and depth of expertise across leadership development, building successful businesses and of course, the CFO agenda where he uniquely combines his experience as a CFO with his expertise leading a CFO executive search business to great effect. He is very personable, truly motivated to help others succeed and has an infectious enthusiasm – all traits that make him a fantastic mentor and coach. He has been a great support on the Board of Bronzegate as we have grown the business and always has valuable insight and advice in terms of strategic planning. I would highly recommend Jeremy to businesses and individuals alike who may be looking for external consultative advice as he brings a combination of humility, passion and knowledge to his projects”

Fortune 100 CFO:

“I had the privilege to partner with Jeremy during my own successful public CFO job search in North America.

Jeremy has an extensive knowledge of the global search industry, a deep understanding of the requirements of the CFO position as well as of the selection process for C-suite candidates. He is also a great coach providing fruitful, pragmatic, relevant and candid advice on technical, business, negotiation and communication techniques.

He allowed me to be well prepared and confident during this competitive and challenging process. He also gave me critical advice during my offer negotiation. His strong listening skills allowed him to tailor his coaching to my leadership style and strengths and, he guided me to ensure that my search objectives and target companies were aligned to my values as well as my long term life and professional goals. Last but not least, Jeremy was available 24×7 during this journey.

Partnering with Jeremy allowed me to reach goals well beyond my expectations, I am extremely thankful.”


“Jeremy provides challenge and inspiration as a coach and mentor, drawing on his vast experience in search and senior executive roles in industry. He was always available to bounce off ideas and provide a catalyst to consider different dimensions in my approach to developing my career. He also has a tremendous network which he can leverage to provide insights and contacts. He has a good sense of humour and lots of stories to tell, and it was fun working with him. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly”

Global Executive Search Firm, Partner:

“Jeremy explained to me in the beginning that he wanted me to lead the discussions and he would be careful to not be too directive. In the first session, he asked me some big picture questions about my goals that got me thinking and I was surprised at my own answers! That set the framework for our future discussions. At times, he has been more directive and tactical in his approach, which I wanted and appreciated. His ability to toggle between mentorship and coaching is a good mix for me, and I appreciate him reminding me of my goals and helping me come back to them. In summary, his style is well matched to my needs and the coaching relationship is very effective.”

Multi-national Divisional CFO:

“The most important element for me is that I trust Jeremy. I have had 5 career coaching sessions with Jeremy and have found that he is at his best when he steps back and helps me to really think through how to approach a specific situation and the elements that will resonate with the audience. I’ve found this to work well. Jeremy has international insights and experience which can be extremely helpful to career development. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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